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About Us

  • We like to work by appointment and establish a one-on-one relationship with you in our private studio environment.
  • We will educate you about diamonds, define your needs, and satisfy your desires.
  • We can custom design the item of your dreams. We will draw the item, carve the wax, and involve you every step of the way.
  • Learn about diamonds on-line in the comfort of your own home at www.ThisIsJewelry.com. This site will teach you everything you need to know about buying diamonds before you buy. You may also come in for a private appointment and learn in person.
  • Our 38 years of experience combined with direct sourcing will save you substantial amounts of money.

Our Goal...

Is to be your personal jeweler for life!

Welcome to ThisIsJewelry.Com — Your Best Source for Certified Loose Diamonds

We would like to provide the opportunity for you to learn about diamond quality, grading, formation, cutting, and processing so you can find the diamond that suits your needs.

Diamond Education

"The Book of Loose Diamond Knowledge"

Get the Answers and much more in our FREE E-book! Click here.

  • The 5 biggest mistakes a first-time diamond Customer will make
  • Is it safe to buy a diamond over the internet?
  • How to buy below NY Wholesale prices
  • Why don't all diamonds come with a certificate?
  • 10 questions to ask a jewelry store in your own town
  • Knowledge & Experience: Over 34 years experience of brokering Certified Loose Diamonds with GIA or HRD Gem Trade Laboratory Reports

Diamond Price Calculator

Use our loose Diamond Price Calculator to find the diamond you deserve. Our diamonds are priced 20% below average store sale prices.

FREE Solitaire Receive a setting with every purchase as our gift to you.

Loose Dimaond V.I.P. Service

No Risk Cost Guarantee - Our wholesale loose diamonds are priced well below average store sale prices - direct from diamond cutters.

No Risk Return Policy - Take a full 30 days to decide you are simply 100% delighted with your diamond purchase.

Broker Status - Let Randall & Timothy help guide you to "The Diamond you deserve" as your Master Diamond Sourcing Broker. Click here for free diamond education book

Integrity - Utilize our Independent 3rd party Certified Gemological Appraisal Service to confirm your Diamond Quality, Certificate Verification and Diamond Value.

FREE Shipping - All orders shipped via insured UPS 2nd Day Blue Label.

No Sales TAX - when purchased outside the state of Michigan.

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