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Price Calculator Howto

The price calculator was built to ensure fast, easy diamond pricing. The prices listed are based off of the NYC 47th St. prices, and our own prices, which are always lower.

To start, click and drag one of the diamond buttons to the desired option. There are five options; shape, carat (size), color, clarity, and cut. Each of these factors effect the end price direclty.

As soon as you drop the diamond button on a particular element, the new price is calculated in the lower right-hand window.

If you would like to enter in an exact value for carat weight, click on the carat value and enter in the value with your keyboard. Then hit "Ok".

When you are done customizing your diamond, click "Select a Setting". Your customized diamond information will be taken to our settings page, where you can select your free diamond setting.

If you are confused about a particular element of the price, click on that element name in the help section, located on the bottom. There is a short explanation of each diamond element under each tab.

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