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Loose Diamonds Education with Diamond Rings and Loose Diamond Guide

We offer free extensive loose diamonds education to help you choose right diamond engagment ring, wholesale loose dimaonds and other diamond jewelry.

Find how to choose right diamonds at right place online at Diamondknowlede. With preciousness and glitter, a diamond adds scintillation to every occasion. But, how will you know that the diamond that has won your heart is genuine to the core?

At DiamondKnowledge, we will help you chose the right diamond at the right price. We can feel how emotional it is for you when you purchase diamond jewelry or diamond rings.

But the question remains – how can you be so sure that you’re receiving the value and the product you expect? We say you can, if you have the power of our diamond knowledge.

What we do at is offer you a grading report from a well-known and well-respected independent gemological laboratory such as the GIA, or HRD for all center diamonds of 3/4 ct or more and a professional jewelry appraisal report at no charge on any jewelry item.

At , you will get a comprehensive listing of the stones quality. We request that you take a serious look at the attributes of the listed item before you buy.

Also, we provide you with an appraisal report which is a pre-requisite to getting proper insurance coverage. Our appraisal report comprises of the following:

  • An accurate and complete description of the article of diamond jewelry being appraised.
  • The clarity, color, and carat weight of the diamond or other center stone.
  • The center stone's shape (pear, round, princess, emerald, etc.).
  • Type of setting (platinum, gold, etc.).
  • Name of the independent laboratory certification (GIA, or HRD).
  • Approximate current retail replacement market value

has to be your ultimate destination for enriching your diamond knowledge before buying loose diamonds or diamond rings.

Cilck here to see about questions you need answers before talking to a jeweler.



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