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Diamond Education with Diamond Education Tutorials

We provide diamond education with diamond grading guide, diamond mining process and diamond education tutorials online to help you learn about loose diamonds before you buy.

It’s your awareness and substantial command over the contemporary diamond trade that will give you the edge. There are some unscrupulous diamond traders intent on making most of the sky-high popularity of diamonds that will take you for a ride.

Only an informed buyer can avoid them and receive the most value for your buying dollar. At DiamondKnowledge we give everyone an opportunity to become informed on how loose diamonds are mined, cut, and graded.

If you are getting married, then you can impress your fiancée by presenting her an engagement diamond ring. If you want to celebrate your wife’s birthday, you can do so by presenting her a sparkling diamond jewelry. Really, diamonds have an all-pervasive appeal.

When you opt for a real diamond, it is a serious purchasing affair. You have to have full knowledge on how the diamonds are extracted from the mines and how they attain their scintillating fire.

Here our free comprehensive E-book can be of great help. Our extensive discussion on diamonds is an eye-opener for those who want to know more about the processing of diamonds and how they are graded.

Make DiamondKnowledge a ready-resource and then go for the best that you can afford.

In fact, at DiamondKnowledge, we offer a FREE extensive education on how to buy a diamond, along with our innovative price calculator. The price calculator will show you that we have the best prices on the web.

Count on our “Book of Diamond Knowledge” – it covers all aspects of a diamonds quality. We are dedicated to create diamond buyer awareness.


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