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Diamond Grading with Diamond GIA Grading Chart and Diamonds Grading Guide

A diamond is forever. Its elegance is impressive. Its sparkle is mind-blowing. That’s why diamonds are cherished worldwide. But how can you be sure about the quality and grade of any particular diamond?

We at DiamondKnowledge can make things easier for you, know about diamond grading with diamond gia grading chart and grading laboratories guide, we provide you extensive diamond education on diamond grading systems, grading scale & other diamond color grading scale.

We have introduced the “Book of Diamond Knowledge” – a comprehensive guide on diamonds. For every diamond enthusiast, our online diamond resource is a must.

Here, you will get an insight on how diamonds are mined, cut, and graded. Not only that, we offer you an extensive glossary with over 200 definitions related to diamonds.

We firmly believe that if you want to get the best deal while purchasing your diamond, you have to be well informed. Our mission at .com is doing just that. In addition to our diamond info-base is a very beneficial resource:

The Diamond Grading Report. It’s a complete evaluation of your diamond. Our Diamond Grading Report includes information on the 4Cs:

  • Color grade
  • Clarity grade
  • Carat weight
  • Cut quality

Our Diamond Grading Report has got everything you need to know before you purchase. This report includes information on a diamond's fluorescence, girdle and culet.

All these factors affect the diamond’s value. Add to that a unique diagram that “maps” the diamond's inclusions, or flaws. Actually the diamond diagram acts like a fingerprint to identify that particular diamond.

These are a few reasons why we suggest you to refer to our online diamond info-resources before buying.


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