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Comprehensive Dimaond Grading Chart, Diamond Mining Process Guide and Jewellry Making.

Find diamond grading chart with diamond mining process and mining steps at DiamondKnowledge.

Your affinity for attaining diamond information will definitely increase after using our site. We at DiamondKnowledge have introduced a comprehensive information service on this precious stone.

We have retained a staff of jewelry and diamond experts with over 30 years of experience in the business. You can consult with our diamond experts. They are always eager to answer any question you may have regarding diamonds and jewelry.

You can talk to them directly via telephone or email your queries. We assure you that your questions will be answered.

From how diamonds are mined to how diamonds are graded – everything about diamonds will be at your fingertips. An added feature is an innovative video link showing diamond mining and exploration.

Also, we urge you to go through our Book of Diamond Knowledge to get an all-encompassing view on the glittering world of diamonds.

If you want to have a clearer understanding on the four Cs - carat, color, clarity and cut, you have to check out our Book of Diamond Knowledge only at DiamondKnowledge.

Your best online guide to loose diamond mining and grading process, Click here to know about diamond carat weight, size and total weight.


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