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Find comprehensive Diamond Education Online with Loose Diamond Education Guide

Find free extensive diamond eduction online, diamond pricing guide and loose diamond education guide with comprehensive diamond education online e book at DiamondKnowledge.

We have set the foundation for you to make a successful purchase. We firmly believe that knowledge is the basis for any purchase.

That’s why at DiamondKnowledge we have composed a book on how to buy a diamond along with additional informational materials. DiamondKnowledge has to be the ultimate destination for those who are looking for authentic and detailed information on diamonds.

We provide you all the general and exclusive insider diamond eduction about loose diamonds for free. Actually, to develop a better understanding on diamond pricing, you have to understand all the parts of a diamond, how it is mined, cut and graded. This will help you find the diamond of your choosing.

We also take pride in our resourced online diamond e book. It has 6 chapters that explain in detail the 4cs and much more. It is presented in an easy to understand, straightforward, and concise manner.

The first chapter starts with the questions you should be asking any jeweler or diamond dealer before purchasing. We have combined this with graphics to help you understand the universal grading system.

After going through our informative e book on loose diamonds, you can take advantage of our price calculator. Our diamond price calculator will show you how one small change in quality or size affects price.

Then you will be able to determine the exact proportion of the 4 C’s that you want in the diamond that will fit your budget.


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