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Diamond Education

We feel that knowledge is the foundation to any purchase. So, we have put together a book on how to buy a diamond along with additional information materials. These areas of knowledge are provided to you free of charge. The more you understand all the parts of a diamond how it is mined, cut, graded and how all these areas come together in price the easier it will be for you to find the diamond of your choice.

Our diamond book has 10 chapters that explain in detail the 4cs and more. This education will be like no other. It is straight forward and to the point. The first chapter begins with the questions you should be asking any jeweler or diamond dealer before purchasing. We have combined this with graphics to help you understand the universal grading system.

You will find video links showing diamond mining and exploration. Along with this you will see how countries are benefiting from the DeBeers diamond partnerships. This book is free, but password protected. With people plagiarizing everything on the web, we have chosen to protect our information from other stores. Signing up is simple and quick. You will not be spammed, hassled or bothered.

When your education is complete we would like to invite you to use our price calculator. You will see how one small change in quality or size affects price.

Please enjoy the resources we have put together for you.

Randall Cole & Timothy Mayer

Click here to sign up for our free Book of Diamond Knowledge.

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